Did you know that even when going through some of your greatest challenges, you’ll find that grace is there?
I want to offer a word of encouragement to somebody this morning. It’s our human nature that tells us that we can fix things. Even when they are beyond our reach. Don’t be embarrassed. We all do it. We try and try and then, we call on Him. It’s then that you realize that He is always there. And for Him, nothing is impossible.
So when you have prayed, recognizing that there is nothing that you can do, just give it to Him and take your hands off of it. See, if God gave over to you the ability to solve all of your problems, He knows that you’d take all the credit for it too.
Sometimes the things that God’s children endure is so that they and others may see their strength and more importantly, where it comes from.
You are stronger than you think. You can do this.
Have a great Thursday!
In Jesus name!
-Pastor Butch