Well, it’s Thursday. Been doing some pondering. This post is for the hungry. Hungry for what? I don’t know. How about something? Or, anything?
It is a journey, you know? The seeking of righteousness. We don’t like journeys. We’re impatient. We prefer more of an outing. A short trip to perfection. We like microwave ovens and fast food. That’s why we look the way we do and feel the way we do.
Look at the words of God through the apostle Paul to Timothy. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” He said, “…for training in righteousness.” What other direction could God possibly be taking us in? He is doing His best to keep our paths straight. We’re just slow to come around.
Sadly, part of the reason that some of us are no further along than we are in this journey is that we don’t go to church, (he says as he swings his foot back and forth like an embarrassed little boy as he tells the truth). Instead, we look to YouTube videos and such to ooh and aah over a ten minute clip from someone who can’t see us and of whom we’ll never form a relationship with rather than go to the Lord’s house and sit for a message from that fellow that is generally, never more than a phone call away.
Hurts my heart though when Christian people consider Sunday morning service more a choice than a necessity. My grandma didn’t have a car so we stood in the driveway and waited for a member of our church family to drive by. She never phoned anyone. She just knew someone was coming by. That was fifty years ago. I dare say today if I were to try that, I’d freeze to death before somebody stopped to see why I’m laying there.
I know this is a long opinion. But stick with me. And, I know it’s tough to feel encouraged in a roomful of people that you really don’t know all that well. Unfortunately that is a byproduct of not coming to church. You feel some kind of way when the reality is that they don’t know you that well either.
Now it kinda seems fair, doesn’t it?
Church is where we get to know one another. Among other things. You meet people. People who are just like you. If you stick around, you’ll also get some help. Church will give you direction, comfort, care, compassion, empathy and love. Loyalty, respect, and understanding. These are things we all need and they are in short supply today.
If you give it, you’ll get it. If you get it, you’ll give it.
I asked the Lord today to keep our feet aimed in the right direction and that when we stumble, not to let us fall.
Sunday’s right around the corner. Rest up and get ready.
Oh, and say hey to your pastor for me!
-Pastor Butch