Your Personal Independence Day
Matthew 6:34 begins with “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow…” Come on, Jesus. Thanks for the encouragement but that’s a tough one.
I think that our Lord knew exactly how hard it is for us. We are so absorbed in life that we just forget that we don’t have to worry over the things we know nothing about nor can do anything about.
I heard a fellow today say that we are so worried about what other people are doing that it keeps us from doing more. You know, he could be onto something.
Hearing that made me think about what Jesus said about tomorrow; about what’s to come. And while the future is unclear but it is still mine.
And no one is responsible for making today a good day for me except me. Looking at it that way, we really don’t have time to worry about tomorrow.
I’d bet most of us have enough to do today without worrying about what’s happening next week or next month or next year. And if something is weighing you down, fix it NOW!
Then tomorrow instead of worrying, you can wake up to regain your independence.
(See how I did that?)
Thank you Lord!
Have a happy Independence Day!
-Pastor Butch
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