Life can be put in two categories. There's what we see right now. These are the things we react to. Life is about today, not next year or even next week.

Everything else falls under the "plenty of times". They are the things that we put off until later and before long "plenty of time" shows up and we're not prepared for what's about to jump off. "I'll call tomorrow" or "I'll go next week". Ole "plenty of time" is faster and ever moving. It catches us when we're grayer and slowing down.

The Bible says in Matthew 6, "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Jesus is telling us here not to worry about tomorrow. But He didn't say we shouldn't plan for it.

In other words if its important, do it today. If you've made a promise, keep it today. If something needs fixing, do it today. If someone needs to know that you love them, tell them today.

This would be a good time to say that on those occasions when family is trying, we should remember that the bump every now and then should be expected but it shouldn’t change the relationship.

Oh yeah, and your work is never done so if it needs doing, do it today.

Tomorrow's not guaranteed but if it comes, it'll be full of its own worries, its own stresses and its own distractions so, whatever it is, "plenty of time" is almost here.

Church was good today!
Have a great week!

-Pastor Butch

May be an image of heart and text that says 'Plenty of time is never long enough!'